New News!
This Sunday, July 22nd, at 9am we will be holding our first Yoga Class! Join us as we welcome Amanda to the crew as we get to work on some recovery. Classes are BYOM (bring your own mat). 

Short Lap
4 Rounds, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds between movements. Pick up intensity as the rounds progress
Assault bike
Air Squat (jumping squat: rounds 3,4)
Abmat sit-up(v-up: rounds 3,4)

10 Rep Front Squat
1x20 @ 80% of 10RM

Mid workout Fun
5 Minute AMRAP of...
20 Russian Twists(alternating, unweighted)
40 flutter kick(alternating)

3 Riounds
30 Banded Swings
20 Lunge Step (40-50% of 10RM Front Squat)
Short lap