Welcome back to the test week! Over the next 6 days we will be retesting all of the lifts and workouts performed at the end of March. We restructured the order of the days in order to better suit the last week's training and to accommodate the extra time we have to fool around on Wednesday. 
To prepare optimally: Have numbers and goals in your head. Before class. Think about the most recent set of lifts you did for 3 and plan around those hard numbers accordingly. Attack the plan and don't get greedy. Every number beyond your original attempt is considered a PR but if you blow yourself out going too heavy too soon and miss your shot then you're SOL. Be smart. Get with a coach and talk about a quick plan to get you in the right place. 
For workouts: know your old times and reps. Attack that time. I would say a large percentage of missed PR attempts is due to the fact that people aren't aware of what they previously accomplished. Know where you were, know what you want, attack some more. 
I'm excited to see everyone's progress. Let's have a great week. 

New news:
- We will be making our monthly Earth Fed Muscle run on Wednesday. Shoot me your order and dollars (cost-20%)  via Venmo. 

- 4th of July schedule is up! Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes to fit all the fun in. Check front desk and sign up in advance. If both classes get booked we will add an earlier class to alleviate packedness. 

3 Rounds
10 SA bent over row
10 banded glute bridge SA bench press
20 Russian Swings

5 Minutes to find
ME set: Double Unders

3RM bench

Power Clean (185/125)
Ring Dip