New News!
- Yoga is here! Please sign up in advance. Cap is 20 people.

Hang Snatch Review(power position/above the knee)
Mobility for snatch

Extra Warm
Every 90 Seconds for 5 Rounds
3+2 Hang Muscle Snatch(power Position) + Overhead Squat
Try and increase weight SLIGHTLY from the other week.

Heavy 3 for the day
Hang Snatch (Power Position)
Every 90 seconds for 4 Rounds
3 Hang Snatch 85% (Power position)
Every 2 Minutes for 3 Rounds
5 Hang Snatch Extensions (above the knee) @ 110% of 2RM for the day

3 Minute AMRAPs
1: 75 Dubs* ME HSPU (strict)/straddle HSPU
Rest 2 Minute
2: 75 DUbs*, ME Ring Dip (Strict)/ Box Dips
Rest 2 Minute
3: 75 Dubs*, Me Push-Up
* choose an amount of double unders that you can finish in under 90 seconds. If you have no dubs, you have 90 seconds to attempt some.

Bicep Curl+ Forearm Curl