New News!
- In celebration of our 5 Year anniversary we will be RAGING, this Saturday, at SouthHouse in Downtown Jersey City. Party starts at 9:30 unless anyone wants to get food beforehand. Even if one person(we have 5 people that want to eat so...bullet dodged) says they want to go to dinner it'll just be me and them(read: candlelit) before South House. Talk about uncomfortable....but I'll do it. I swear to God. 

400 M Run
7 Minutes of Continuous movement
25' Walking Lunge/suitcase Lunge (light KB/DB)
10 Alternating Single Leg v-ups
7 Vertical Jumps/ Weighted Jumps (light KB/DB)

Extra Warm
4 Rounds
30 Seconds on, 10 seconds off

12 Minutes to find...
10 Rep Back Squat
1x20 @ 80% of 10RM

5 Rounds for time:
5./.4 Mile Bike
10 Front Squat (135/95)