Long weekend! Get ready for a fun week.
Yoga will be cancelled this Sunday. 

3 Rounds
10 Banded Good Morning (go from unweighted to heavier KB each round)
8 Ring Row (1 second pause at top/bottom)
6 Vertical Jumps (quarter of a squat start. increase effort each round)

Extra Warm
Death By: Strict Chest to bar Pull-Up
Minute 1: One CTB Pull-Up
Minute 2: Two CTB Pull-Up
Minute 3: Three CTB Pull-Up
Continue until failure. If you fail before the cap, each round is a ME attempt at strict pull-ups. 
Cap- 10 Minutes
Sub: 10 Minute EMOM
Odd: ME Chin over bar to negative(struggle city)
Even: 10 Double Handed Bent Over Rows

13 minutes to find
8 Rep Deadlift
then... E3MOM for 2 Rounds
12 @ 80%

For time
80 Russian Swings (32/24)
30 Cal Bike
60 Single Arm KB squat (switch every 10) Same weight as KB Swing
30 Cal Bike
40 Burpee Box Jump
30 Cal Bike