-Don't forget, this Sunday is Yoga at 9am. This is the last weekend to try it out for free so bring your mat and get ready to streeetttchhhhh. 

800meter Run
7 Minutes of Flow work
Pec hold Squat
push-up to down dog
bent over row hold (2 kettlebells/dumbbells)

5 Rounds
ME Strict Pull-Up+ME Banded Strict Wide Grip Pull-Up(sub 2+ME chin over bar hold to negative+ banded Pull-Up)
10 Single Arm Bench Press (each side)
10 Single Arm Bent Over Row (each side)
10 Kneeling Single Arm Arnold Press
Rest as needed, add weight to each set if not challenging enough

Tabata Mash-Up
16 Rounds: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off alternating movements
odd:Single Arm KB Front Squat (alternate arms each round
even: flutter kick

4x20 Weighted Side bends