News: Lotta stuff going on this week. 
- Earth Fed Muscle time! I will be putting out an order Thursday Morning. If you would like to put in an EFM order please Venmo me your details with the amount(less 15%). As an FYI: I cannot live without my nightly casein and ZMA. Good sleep is good life. 
- MEGA IMPORTANT: This Friday we will be taking care of some gym maintenance throughout the day. As a result, our Friday schedule will be early mornings only. We will also be adding a 7:15 class. Saturday is TBD based on the construction and Yoga is cancelled for the weekend.  Please check the schedule and website for further updates. 
- Hey y'all! We would appreciate it if you could fill out this survey regarding our gym. You have until Friday before I start disregarding new responses. It's only fair. 

8 Minute AMRAP: Partner Style
P1: Bike Purgatory
P2: 1 round of...
5 Double KB Cleans
7 Forward Lunge (each leg)
9 Front Squat

8 Rep Front Squat
then... E3MOM for 2 Rounds
12 @ 80% of 8RM

For time: 
Run 800 Meters
Sandbag Squat
Burpee Box Jump (24/20)
Run 800 Meters

7 Minute AMRAP
You go, I go:
Reverse Banded Sprints: 100 Feet