News: Lotta stuff going on this week. 
- Earth Fed Muscle time! I will be putting out an order tomorrrow morning. If you would like to put in an EFM order please Venmo me your details with the amount(less 15%). As an FYI: I cannot live without my nightly casein and ZMA. Good sleep is good life. 
- MEGA IMPORTANT: This Friday we will be taking care of some gym maintenance throughout the day. As a result, our Friday schedule will be early mornings only. 7:15 class is on the schedule. Saturday and Sunday we are officially closed. I know this is a bummer but it's a necessary evil that must occur so we can enjoy flat, even floors for another 6 months. 
- Hey y'all! We would appreciate it if you could fill out this survey regarding our gym. Last chance. These are totally anonymous. No judgement. 

10 Minute Hip mobility: Coach's choice
7 Minutes of Flow
Air Squat (switch to jumping Squat at 3:30)
Russian Kettlebell Swing
Handstand Hold (toes and nose)

Every Minute for 20 Rounds: alternating
Odd:3 Back Squat @ 80% of 3RM OR 100% of 8RM
Even: 3 Push Press (from the floor) @ 80% of 3RM OR 100% of 8RM

8 Minute AMRAP: Teams of 3
P1: Banded Sprint: 100 meters
P2: Rest
P3: Holding Banded Sprint
Continuous. Movement. Sprints should be devastating to your soul.