EMOM for
1:Jump Rope (freestyle. skip, double under, single, one legged hops. be creative every round)
2: 12-20 Standard Ring Row
3: Plank (holding a foam roller between your knees)

EMOM for 22 Rounds, alternating
Odd: 2 Strict press @ 85% of 3RM/ 95% of 5RM
Even: 2 Deadlift @ 85% of 3RM/ 95% of 5RM

”CFFB Kettlebell Swing test”
Minute on, minute off for 10 Minutes
30 American Kettlebell Swings (32/24 or a weight that challenges you beyond round 3)
If you do not complete the 30 swings in a minute, it is a miss. For every miss, Row 30 calories after the workout.