-It's September! Let us all collectively shake the rust off and return to the gym. Everything is back to normal. All the classes, all the fun AND you guys are allowed to wear weightlifting shoes and belts NEXT WEEK. Can it get better? No.  I'm excited to see everyone getting back into the groove. 
- Earth Fed Muscle orders are going out Thursday at noon. Venmo me your order, less 20%(Labor Day sale). And get your tasty treats. I cannot stress this enough. The casein is a part of my every day ritual and is significantly less heavy than the stuff I used to get from GNC. 

13 Minutes to accumulate work
45 second plank
10 Back Extensions
Push up (based on feel, not until failure)
Strict Chin up(based on feel, not until failure) sub cross strapped ring rows + 1 ME negative
100 Meter mixed carry (half farmer, half kb in rack. switch at the half)

15 Minutes to find..
5 Rep Deadlift
3x8 @ 80% of 5RM

6 Rounds for time
10 Toes to bar
15 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (95/65)
35 Double Unders