- While not really news. It's the moment you've all been waiting for: accessories are allowed back in the gym. You may now don your belts, shoes, wraps and straps. 

2 Rounds
20 Glute Bridges
10 Side plank Clam Shells (per side)
EMOM for 10 Rounds
Odd:*4+4+4 Reverse Lunge + Reverse Lunge + Front Squat
*start with empty bar and add weight as you see fit. Keep weight light to light-medium
Even: 5 Strict Knee to elbow (pause at the top)

3 Rep Back Squat
E2MOM for 4 Rounds
5 reps @ 80% of 3RM

3 Rounds
30 Russian Twist (each side, unweighted)
25 Medball Sit-up
20 Overhead reverse Lunge (left)
20 Overhead reverse Lunge (right)