EMOM for 16 Minutes
45 seconds of single under(cannot repeat jump twice, no doubles or singles)
45 seconds of single leg movement, alternating(can’t repeat movement twice, all unweighted)
16 Single Arm Z Presses, alternating (add weight each round)
6-10 Commando Pull-Ups (switch grips each round)

12 Minutes to find..
8 Rep Max Front Squat
E2MOM for 4 Rounds
4 Front Squats @ 100% of 8RM
2 Rope Climbs (sub 4 lay to stand w/ slow descent)

6 Rounds
10 Suitcase Step-Ups (left)
10 Suitcase Step-Ups (right)
10 Dumbbell burpee deadlift
*Start round 1 Unweighted, after each round, add weight weight via dumbbells or kettlebells. Every round should get heavier