EMOM for 12 Minutes
1: 30 seconds Pec hold flutter
2: 15 Single Leg RDL (hand bracing on rack)
3: 15 SL RDL (the other side!)
4: 5 Straight leg box Jumps (goal isn’t height of box, it’s height of jump)


8 Minutes to warm up to a heavy set of 5
E2MOM for 7 Rounds
1-3: 5 Deadlift (add weight as you see fit)
3 Box Jumps (high. On all jumps, prioritize finding a height that allows you to land no lower than parallel in a squat. No ass to grass jumps)
4-6: 3 Deadlift (Continue building)
1 Box Jump (higher. same as sets of 3)
7: Rest
Bonus Round:
1 Minute ME deadlift @ 50% of biggest set of 3

4x500 Meter Row sprint
1:1.5 work rest ratio
(if it takes you 2 minutes, you rest for 3. Adhere to the rest times. Too long? Row harder.)