3 Minutes of Jumping Rope
Every 30 seconds switch jump rope style
First 30 seconds must be single unders
Last 30 seconds must be double unders
2 Rounds
15 Good Mornings (22X0)
12+12 Single Arm Ring Row (1 sec pause at the top)
20 Supermen
10+10 Single Leg V-up


Warm up to a moderately heavy set of 3 Deadlift
E3.5MOM for 5 Rounds
3 Deadlift (touch and go with pause on the floor, stay with a moderately heavy set of 3)
3 Power Cleans (60-65% of heaviest clean(moderate weight, not touch and go)
5 Stiff legged box jump(no rebend at the top of the jump)

4 Rounds each for time/reps
10 Front Foot Elevated Lunge (single dumbbell held suitcase style on the same side as lunging leg)
20 Unbroken Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
ME unbroken Toes to bar
Rest as needed