Good news: Amanda’s Birthday is this weekend!
Bad news: Amanda will be away for her birthday this weekend! Yoga will be cancelled on Sunday.


(band around the knee)
glute bridge
Clam shell
(band goes down over the tops of feet)
Monster steps forward
Monster steps backward
EMOM for 9 Minutes
1: Single leg Plank hold (full minute, switch legs at the 30 second mark)
2: 45 seconds ME Russian kettlebell Swing (focus on hard cheek squeezing and keeping ribs down)
3: 45 seconds ME wide stance air squat(wide enough to barely hit below parallel
5 Minutes to warm up for a heavyish glute bridge

Dabut Strength
Every 90 seconds for 10 Rounds(alternating)
Odd: 12 Glute Bridges+10 second squeeze on last rep
Even: 12+12 Bulgarian Split Squat (dumbbells held In suitcase style. if one dumbbell is had, hold it contralaterally)

E4MOM for 4 Rounds
250 Meter Row (sprint)
ME unbroken Wall Balls
(cannot hold or drop wall ball at any point. Anything outside of continuous movement would be considered “breaking.” Ball Should be heavy enough where if you were to move continuously, you would really really really want to stop after about 90 seconds of wallballin)
Rest Remaining time in 4 Minutes