As earlier hinted at in previous posts, we are going through some back end changes to make the overall member experience better. Starting April 1st, we will be transitioning over to MindBody for our scheduling and billing software. This change will be BASICALLY seamless for everyone but in order for things to go as smoothly as possible, everyone with an existing recurring membership (anything that bills monthly) will need to do the following.

- See me, Justin, in the gym.
- Fill out a profile on Mindbody with the gym app. If you’ve already done it, fantastic.
- Once that’s taken care of, we can transition all of your account information from Pike13 to Mindbody. You will need whatever credit card you wish to use on hand. We also can do ACH if you want it taken directly out of your debit account.
- Once transferred we will set a date to cancel your membership on pike 13(march 31st) and set up your bill(April 1st).
- Download the mind body app, find Crossfit Bayonne, and wait patiently for the 1st of April.
- After March 31st, you will no longer be able to sign up for classes through pike 13.

Thats it! In addition, our membership policy will be changing from here on out. Our only policy is that we require WRITTEN 30 days notice in advance of any cancellations. Otherwise, all contracts are officially null and void and everyone retains their existing membership dues.

It’s a lot of information but with any luck everything will go totally smoothly. We NEED 100% participation in order for this to work so please don’t drag your feet on getting your account info over to mind body. Zero charges will go through until the 1st of April. See you all in the gmy.