-If you haven’t entered your 19.2 scores yet GET IT DONE. Right now. Stop reading and go do it now.
- To anyone who showed up to yoga this morning: We had cancelled class in advance but I didn’t finish cancelling the class on FrontDesk. I apologize for the waste of time.
- Early morning classes are cancelled this morning due to weather. First class of the day is 9:30am.


1 Mile Ride
3 Rounds
6+6 Tall Step Up (41X0)
8+8 Lateral Lunge Thruster (light kb/db)
ME strict Chin-Up

5 Rounds for time
10 Push Press
20 FR Reverse Lunge
Use a bar, dumbbells or kettlebells that equate to 70-80lbs for men and 50-60lbs for women

Work up to a heavy
3 Rep Back Squat
E2MOM for 3 Rounds
3 back Squats @ 90%