Here’s a couple of things that are coming up this week.
Friday afternoon classes are getting bumped to 5,6 and 7pm. Enjoy!

- Can’t find the workouts? We have moved all of our workout posts to You may go there, register an account(it’s totally free) and then put Crossfit Bayonne as your gym. The code to get in is CFB123. Then you get all the access to checking the workouts AND you can log your scores and keep track of your data which will help you go farther in your fitness! EZPZ. There is also an app on the App Store! its super useful so download that right now. You still have to make an account on the computer so…do that here.
No, you can’t sign up for class on BTWB. You never could. That has literally never been what it’s for.

- April 1st Mindbody scheduling and billing Launch.
Tomorrow is the first day we are working with Mindbody officially as our scheduling and billing app. If you haven’t created an account in the gym and transferred your billing info over to me(in person) I just want you to know that you’re a huge PITA. Nevertheless, you need to get that in ASAP. You won’t be able to sign up for class so don’t. I will assume there’s a tremendous number of people who don’t have the ability to do so yet so just come in, card in hand and maybe gently whisper “I’m sorry” in my ear for doing this 3 weeks after I politely requested you all to do it in advance to make both of our lives less complicated. I digress…Here' are some definite things that people are going to say in the next 72 hours.

- XYZ doesn’t work. Why can’t I do this/that/the other thang.
This is our first week using the system and there are bound to be a few bugs. Let me know if you’re having an issue with something and ill write it down for my next meeting with the MB help desk to get it cleared up. It may take a week or two to get this up and running perfectly but guess what… FITNESS IS STILL HAPPENING IN THE GYM.

- “But Justin! I can’t sign up for class!”
Please check the date located in your computer calendar or by clicking the time on your menu bar. If it’s before April 1st you won’t have the ability to sign up for class on Mindbody (we talked about this). That means, when you wake up, you SHOULD have access to the schedule IF you gave me your billing stuff. If you didn’t, read above, and now slowly come to the realization that you’re locked out of the schedule until you come to me and give me your billing info for Mindbody. Terrific. Welcome back.

- Did you download the app?
Why are you not doing these things? PLEASE download it. You will need to create a separate login on that app and it will recognize that you have a membership in a gym(our gym, starting April 1st) and will appropriately link it to you. It’s nice like that.

But then how do I check the workouts on Mindbody.
- You don’t. That’s beyondthewhiteboard. See above for instructions on how to get in there.

But…how do I sign up for class on Beyondthewhiteboard.
- Is everything ok?