Kind of big news.
- This is it. Today is the last workout post. Starting Monday, we will have transitioned over to using
Beyond the Whiteboard exclusively fo the daily workouts. The program and app, with all of its features, will be available to any clientele possessing a recurring monthly membership. If you don’t already have an account set up with BTWB, click here, sign up for one, set CFB as your gym and use the special code CFB123 to get access to our workouts. If you have any additional questions, see me in the gym or shoot me an email at
- There are other big changes coming up in the coming weeks regarding our systems and website. Stay tuned to this page anyway.

10 Minutes of Smooth partner Moving
you go, I go
5 Double KB Pendlay Row
5 Double KB Swing
5 DOuble KB Clean

5 Rounds, minute stations
Toes to bar