I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone for signing up for classes this week. There are still a few that need to get the hang of (read: need to just fucking doing it) signing up BUT WE’RE GETTING CLOSE GANG.

Side note: The new format of Mindbody does not allow for clients to see how many people have signed up for class. While I have never spoken with anyone in Mindbody regarding this, I could only imagine they would have one of two responses:
”Why on earth would you need that?”
”Why would It even matter?”
I would then go into this long description about how clients like to see how many people(not who specifically, just how many) are signed up for a class to see if they’re going to go.
We would then get into a conversation about how it’s ridiculous to work out based on how many other people are going to the gym because ultimately it’s YOUR fitness that YOU have to manage and that other people working out with you is an added bonus. Then we would talk about how it’s almost like personal training and how awesome it would be to get essentially free personal training for an hour because it is typically very expensive. 45 minutes will have passed at that point and I will say goodbye, having learned nothing about Mindbody and not fixed any of the actual issues that I try and take care of on my weekly phone calls.

My point is, Don’t worry about who’s signing up for class. Because whatever coach is supposed to be there, will be. And so will you. That’s all that matters.

Additionally: Texting coaches on the side is great, but they are not your secretaries. They have lives and work and school and need to focus on those things when they’re not in the gym. Please do not text them about: signing up, who’s in a class, being late, or cancelling. That is why we have Mindbody. Whether you’re late or cancelling all together, the class goes on as scheduled. Please see last week’s sign up guidelines for a full tie-in.

Holy Thursday/Good Friday Schedule:
- Looks a hell of a lot like every other day. See you in the gym.