- Murph is this Saturday! We will be running our 3, 45 minutes classes that will serve as independent heats for Murph. You do not need to finish the workout in the 45 minutes allotted but we will send out the next crew at the beginning of each class time. There will be snacks and booze and we can all hang around and watch the parade afterwards.

- Signing up protocol: As some of you have noticed, there is occasionally a prompt to pay for a class as a drop in. This is caused by one of two things: Cancelling late for a class(within 30 minutes) or already being signed up for a class. This is to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at signing up for the busier classes. If either of those things happened and you unable to sign up for another class, no one(not even myself) can enroll you. You may show up for class and if there is less than the cap of the class you can participate. Just a brief reminder that signing up and showing up for the class has no repercussion, it’s just an expectation of being a member here.

- Your trash will soon be trash: If you have any random clothing or personal stuff hanging around the gym, you have until the end of the week to take it home or it will be donated to the city dump.

- 10:30am class on Saturday: Is for everyone! This has been designated our “Free trial class” which is where folks can come in and try out the gym. That said, it is still a regular class for members to enjoy. We just might get a couple of new folks in the mix. If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself!

- Monday May 27th: We are CLOSED. Enjoy Memorial Day! Business as usual on May 28th.

- If you enjoy your time at Crossfit Bayonne, I ask that you write 5 star review on whatever platform you’re most inclined to. If you would give anything less than a 5, I instead ask that you email me directly and tell me what’s on your mind. If it’s a feasible request, it will be done.