Summer is here and we are making a few schedule changes. The following changes will be reflected on Mindbody as of Sunday the 23rd.

- 9:30am class has been moved to 7:15am. We will be testing this for the summer and be making a long term decision on if it stays or goes by labor day.
- Friday 7pm is off the schedule for the summer. Please adjust your workout schedule appropriately.
- 4th and 5th of July schedule. These are tricky days as they potentially create a 4 day weekend for many people. We anticipate that the majority of our membership will be out of town for the weekend. With that, both the 4th and the 5th will be a “holiday schedule” holding hour long classes at 9 and 10am. They will both have larger caps to accommodate more participation. Enjoy! Saturday the 6th will be a standard Saturday.

The big news: After a few week hiatus, Amanda is back with a brand new class starting this Saturday at 8am. She will be leading a mobility class that will be roughly 45 minutes to an hour long and focus on restorative practice of joints and soft tissue. These techniques will allow for people take what is useful to them and bring it into their own “pre game ritual” to optimize their class time. If you’re interested in learning more about the mobility classes, see us in the gym for more info!

- Got a friend that wants to get down with us and do some Crossfit? Bring them to our 10:30 class on Saturday. It’ll be fun, we promise.